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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  November 11, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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we are following two breaking stories the first from the white house, where there was issued out just a short time ago. it appears to gunman may be on the loose. this unfolded on constitution avenue between 15th and 17th northwest. mark segraves has the latest. >> we were just told that one of the cars involved in the shootout that was recovered here at 23rd and constitution, at the on ramp to the teddy roosevelt bridge, had a rifle inside. they just recovered a rifle. at about 9:30 this evening, at the intersection of 16th and constitution between the white house and the washington monument there were reports of gunfire between two cars. then the cars drove westbound on constitution avenue. one of the cars was abandoned on
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the ramp leading on to the teddy roosevelt bridge at 23rd and constitution. the police are searching both scenes the area of constitution and 16th, looking for gun shell casings, any signs of a shootout and they are searching 23rd and constitution, or their recovered one of the cars for any other evidence. there were no injuries and the shootings. so far no suspects have been arrested. it constitution avenue just reopened to traffic at 23rd street. again, a shootout at about 9:30, just a block from the white house, constitution avenue. so far no suspects in custody. the police are still looking for one of the cars involved. live from constitution ave, mark segraves, abc 7 news. the other breaking story of the night, nationals catcher wilson ramos has been found
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alive, just 48 hours after being kidnapped a vigil was held by hundreds of fans at national park tonight. john gonzalez has the very latest from nationals park. >> we know the rescue happened just before 10:00 at night and the mountains of central venezuela, the news that all of us have been waiting for. sources say that wilson ramos the catcher for the nationals is on a helicopter with the police heading back to his home town. we also know the prayers of those who came to nationals park have been answered. bucheers and pennants replaced with prayers and candles. this was a gift from wilson ramos himself earlier this year. >> he was one of the people who made a point of circling the field to make sure that everybody get a chance to meet him, say hi to people.
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>> the local star was kidnapped wednesday by a group of armed men. sources say he has been found safe. fans are rejoicing and questioning if major league baseball should step in and prevent a repeat of the future. >> if we don't have them involved and protected back home in their countries, it is not worth it. >> the getaway car, discovered last night gave authorities a lot to work with. at the country's communication minister said he was freed in central venezuela. >> hopefully some of the people in the area where he was held dropped a dime on the people who took him. >> abductions for rent some run rampant in venezuela. -- abductions for ransom run rampant and venezuela. >> i am overjoyed. if he is all right, that is fantastic. >> this is the first known abduction of a major-league player. in the past, many relatives of
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players have been abducted, but we do not know the exact details as to why wilson ramos was abducted. tonight, we know he is safe and sound. john gonzalez, abc 7 news. we are hearing from many viewers on the breaking story on our facebook page. "that is good news, did not think it would end this way." "so glad to hear he a safe." for the latest of elements and to share your thoughts with us, go to the big story on everybody's mind, a college campus comes together in the wake of a sex abuse scandal that has torn penn state park. hundreds attended the vigil aimed at healing days after the arrest of jerry sandusky and the firing of joe paterno, hours before penn state football team returns to the field.
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richard reeve is live in state college with the latest. >> thousands of people came to the candlelight vigil to honor the victims. this is also a campus trying to heal. >> first things first, it is all about the victims. >> thousands of students, alumni, and faculty came together tonight. >> we care about the victims, it is not just about the football team. >> a massive vigil for healing. >> everybody is devastated. >> penn state, known about it -- known for gridiron glory thinking about the victims. >> we feel deeply for what has happened. a m on college avenue, the weekend crowds are here for the saturday nebraska game. joe paterno will not be on the sidelines. >> i wish that he was coaching
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his last game here at happy via the. i still feel like he is the fall guy. >> mike mcqueary allegedly saw jerry sandusky sexually molest a boy in 2002. >> it is not a happy time. >> there are signs of support for joe paterno his image in dozens of store windows. stevens dealing with the scandal at this proud institution. -- students dealing with the scandal at this private institution, a process most agree will not be easy. >> time heals all wounds. it will take time. >> several groups are raising awareness, raising money for the groups trying to raise awareness for sexual abuse. $165,000 raised so far. fans are encouraged to wear blue tomorrow, a symbol of child abuse awareness. from state college pa. richard
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reeve, abc 7 news. we're following every development and to the penn state sex abuse scandal. coming up, president obama calls the case heartbreaking. we have learned that penn state's interim president plans to appoint an ethics officer. we have also learned that joe paterno has hired a high-profile criminal attorney. and a graduate assistant turned assistant coach mike mcqueary has been placed on administrative leave and has left state college. this could be just the beginning of joe paterno's problems. >> there are many co- conspirators involved. coach paterno is one of them. he knew plenty and did not call the cops. coach mcqueary knew well enough to call the cops. that is important to note as of this time joe paterno is not charged with a crime. richard reeve will be in state college for the penn state game
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against nebraska, and he will have a full report after the football game saturday on abc 7. gop presidential candidate herman cain faces a new controversy, this time involving anita hill. she accused clarence thomas of sexual harassment. >> i want to get back on message. that is not on message. i am back on message. i want to fix this economy so people can go back to work. >> he said little to reporters when he was questioned about a joke that he made about anita hill. he said, is she going to endorse me? four women have said that cain sexually harassed him when he was at the national restaurant association a decade ago. herman cain has denied wrongdoing. lynsey gramm says that if the super committee cannot come up with a plan to cut the debt,
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congress should take a pay cut. they're trying to cut $1.2 trillium from the budget. the pay cut plan would barely make a dent. we're learning more about the hours before arizona congresswoman that gabrielle giffords was shot. she rejected a request by members of for staff to skip the meet and greet event where she was shot. and the night before the shooting, gabrielle giffords sent an e-mail to her husband and a friend. she was shot and had it in january of this year in a shooting rampage that killed five others. diane sawyer's interview with gabrielle giffords and her husband is monday night at 10:00. after that, a report that you did not want to miss. meet the high-profile journalist
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who understands what she is going through. his temper and message -- his important message monday. tonight, many of us are remembering the men and women who serve to protect our freedoms on this veterans day. president obama took part in the laying of the wreath of the tomb of the unknowns in arlington. numerous veterans and their families came to washington and the national mall to visit the war memorial and to honor the lives of those who made the ultimate sacrifice. president obama spoke with hundreds of service people today on board the uss vincent. the president and first lady were in attendance at the north carolina-michigan state men's basketball game, on top of the aircraft carrier. much more coming up later. coming up, a big change to one of the region's most beloved landmark, the national cathedral, and the next 24 hours. plus some believed he was an urban legend. it tonight, meet naked ned.
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>> bob ryan, the belfort furniture weather center. he'd better have something on tonight because it is cold, three, 4 inches of snow. what is coming our way for the weekend?
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captioned by the national captioning institute tonight but coming county leaders are stepping up their efforts to crack down on teen violence. a teen curfew was introduced in montgomery county after multiple incidents involving large groups of teens. some argue it could lead to profiling and discrimination. tomorrow, the national cathedral opens up for the first time since the august earthquake forced it to close. a new bishop will be installed
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saturday, and sunday the public is invited to common worship. there will be a new exhibit. broken pieces of stone work will be on display, as well as pictures documenting the restoration efforts. a rare look at the urban legend, naked ned the beaver man of the potomac. turns out he is real. the past 20 years, he has been building dams wearing his long beard and a smile. >> on this stretch of the potomac river gorge, he has been as bebe as a beaver, creating a series of ponds and vibrant wetlands. fishermen have dubbed him naked ned. the past 15 years, at least, he has been coming to the potomac river, building a series of dams and bridges one stone at a time. it turns out he is very friendly, and he prefers to be called chaosmi. >> i talked to him a few
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minutes. >> the past few years have got to know chaosmi. while he does not live along the river, he has made shelters and spends a lot of time building and carving and the rocks. he would not agree to be interviewed on camera, but says there is a good reason he does not like clothing. >> the russian empire diverted all of this water to grow cotton. >> how does one that 65-year- old nachman move all of this rock? he has help from nature. it's a big plastic trash can into the middle of the river loaded full of rocks, and floats it back to the dam. i has to be doing that the past 20 years? >> to see if it would slow the flow of the nutrients, and then the plants can absorb it. >> wow chaosmi is not shy when it comes to nudity, when it
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comes to talking about himself he tends to be more clout refusing to say his real name or where he lives. but he does have a home, and it is not far from this place where he spends most of his days. as this hiker puts it, he is a true nature boff. bu-- nature buff. >> he is interested in nature and everywhere including the wearing of clothing. >> we have more photos of naked ned at on the wetlands. go to the photo gallery at can you top that? >> uh, i hope that he has clothing on tonight? or he is very tough. outside today, what a wonderful day to share with the veterans. old glory flying proudly.
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the would you memorial. the temperature right now along with the wind is settling down, outside, 43 degrees. at the high temperature, right at home for the beginning of december. around the area, temperatures into the 30's already in the suburbs. 28 degrees manassas, cold morning. down to the south it is in the 20's. this cold, chilly weather will not be with us a long time. the weather tends to move from west to east. the middle of the country, the planes temperatures in the 60's. right now into the 50's. this will be a bit of a cold shot. sunday and monday that will be moving out. the pattern right now, up around the great lakes 2, 3 inches of snow north of syracuse. the hyper local future-cast the
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temperature tomorrow will be lower. the temperatures will be into the 30's, to the 20's. tomorrow afternoon, the wind turns a little to the south. that allows milder air to come in and the temperatures will be around 60 degrees. into the low 60's as we get into sunday and early next week. nice weekend. mostly sunny skies. in the morning, it will be chilly, some spots even the low 20's. light wind, that is the thing that you will notice, lots of sunshine, not quite as cool because of the light wind. high 50's, near 60 degrees. a chance of moisture coming our way, no big storms as we head back to school monday. a lot of things going on this weekend. here is one i mentioned because they give this wonderful donations to children's hospital. that is the danish club, tomorrow having their danish
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christmas bazaar at st. elizabeth's church in rockville. this is the best danish that you will ever have. >> and the biggest. and it is the real mccoy. and the nice donation to children's hospital. what is cooking? >> more about the rescue of nationals catcher wilson ramos in the mountains of venezuela. also, the capitals and action tonight, back in their winning ways.
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the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers -- moving you forward. good news washington nationals catcher wilson ramos the venezuelan government said security forces have found wilson ramos alive and well. he was kidnapped from his parents' home on wednesday. that sparked a desperate search. hours after the kidnapping, police found the kidnappers' suv abandoned a short distance away. about an hour ago he was found where he was abducted in the mountains. he is undergoing medical tests and will be reunited with his family soon, but he was not harmed. the kidnappers never made any ransom demands. the new report on why he was taken, but he is alive and well.
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the washington capitals picked themselves up after an embarrassing loss early this week and scored an impressive win. the capitals taking on the devils. in the second, over to alex ovechkin, he shoots and scores. we are tied at 1-1. look at this effort, the devils on the power play. one side of the net to the other, shoots and scores. johansson, late-game goal. the capitals win tonight, 3-1. college basketball in full force locally. the american-howard george washington a winner, and george mason also a winner. the carrier classic college hoops, oupresident obama and at the first lady of thanking the
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troops on the badeck of the aircraft carrier. the fairway, good. more carolina highlights. carolina wins the first college game ever played on an active aircraft carrier. 67-55. tiger woods, third round of the australian open. hey! his putter failing him. he would bogey 1 2 3, settled down birdied the fourth, and is now on the back nine, three strokes off the lead. football under the lights, chevy chase. this was no contest. three touchdowns for the senior running back. quince orchard wins big, 52-7. more high-school football highlights in just a few minutes. that is on news channel 8, high-
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maureen bunyan took a trip to the caribbean without leaving home. she was honored at northwest. some of the nation's top political, sports figures of caribbean descent were there celebrating caribbean heritage, and raising money for caribbean children.
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nice weekend coming up, lots of sunshine, light wind. i am having a leaf-ranking party sunday. light wind. another chance of showers. he posted through the weekend. we have a new block about the veterans day storm a number of years ago. none of that this weekend.
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